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De Groote Engel

Sint-Katelijnestraat 53, Mechelen

22th of October - 28th of November

The Connections exhibition puts the Naturals Collection by Astrid Van den Bosch in the spotlight. The works show predominantly earthly and natural tints with soft nuances and harmonious transitions.


The focus is on the link with nature, one we all have a critical need of. And not just for clean air, water and food, but for thinking about and relaxing. In nature, we press the ‘Pause’ button—and escape from day-to-day pressure, stress and worries. These works testify to the ‘less is more’ approach: a little serenity in times of excess.


The Colours Collection is represented with canvases that symbolise intense feelings in an expressive manner. The liveliness is almost explosive—the influence colour has on our emotional mood is also enormous. With these striking works, Astrid creates a link to our need for deep connection with others. The human is and remains a social being. We need interaction. Feeling, embracing, being together … They all bring inspiration and dynamism to our lives. We draw energy from meaningful social contact.


These two sorts of connections—with nature and with each other—form the focus of the exhibition. They flow together in a framework in which sensory experience and being together come first. Allow the language of the image to speak as you give your imagination free rein. I look forward to (re)discovering the connection together with you.

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Haachtsebaan 48/A, 3140 Keerbergen (open Tue-Sun)

Breda, NL

Den Bosch, NL

Eindhoven, NL

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