Collection Naturals 

The pieces in the ‘Naturals’ collection are serene, with particularly sober and natural tints such as grey, brown and green. We see a lot of tone-on-tone, with refined nuances that evoke harmony and balance – pure and disarming. The titles celebrate the purity of the paintings: names such as ‘Destination’, ‘Stillness’, ‘Choices’, ‘Sensibility’ and ‘Purification’ speak for themselves.

Collection Colours 

The ‘Colours’ oeuvre is polychromatic, intense and defined by exciting contrasts. Uninhibited and strong, it’s aimed at the elaboration of colour on the mind and soul.
Bright streaks and splashes of colour reflect intense emotions, hinted at by the titles: ‘Attraction’, ‘Intention’, ‘Be True’ and ‘It is not them, it is you’.

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